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On Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Powder and Getting a Warm Up

Hello, hello.

To update you with what I’ve been up to would be really hopeless. So instead, let’s just pick up where we left off, shall we?

Few weeks back, way before the real madness started, my dear friend Albert gifted me with this:


It was a spontaneous gift, as I was not celebrating anything. In my mind (or he might have suggested), it may be because he thought I ran out of things to review for the blog, hence the hiatus. Anyway, it was a sweet gesture, no reason necessary! I always say I like getting makeup gifts because there’s always a thought that goes in to them, it’s what they think would look nice on you. Unlike, say, a bottle of wine—always welcome, but the results would almost always be the same = drunken stupor.

So I thought I’d do a little review. I miss doing one, and well, some of few might want a little warming up this season, a.k.a. Christmas!


Body Shop Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder, Shade 02: Copper Shimmer

Right, so here we go. Body Shop’s Honey Bronze comes in stick form with a perma-brush on one end and a 5 gram-loose powder canister on the other. Truth be told, I have no idea how to use it appropriately but for this post, I used it as a highlighter, applying  it to the tops of my cheekbones and some on the bridge of my nose (you know, where the sun would naturally hit me).

The result:


What I’m wearing: Face Shop HD Perfect BB Cream, Maybelline Clear and Smooth Face Powder in Natural, Face Shop Brow Powder Duo, Avon Supershock Mascara, MAC lipstick in Stay in Touch, Body Shop Honey Bronze in Shade 02.


An Artechoke Hearts/Farts: Hearts, mainly since it adds instant and obvious warmth-dash-bronzy glow to the face. The shimmer particles are quite visible/large up close and in person, but then it photographs really well (as in, hindi obvious). The packaging, while very handy, can be a bit tricky to control (the twist and release cap system that I never seem to get right!). And as in most perma-brushes, the product being dispensed can be a bit hard to control. Clumsy me, I end up with a cloud of glitter around whenever I apply it, so no big movements with this in hand.

All things considered, Honey Bronze is a nice cheat fix—to warm the face, to complement a blusher or to simply sparkle!

Have a happy week ahead!


6 thoughts on “On Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Powder and Getting a Warm Up

  1. My issue with perma-brushes is that they are practically impossible to get completely clean. Looks great, on you, though! (And so does the lipstick, hope to see a review when things have settled down for you 🙂 )

    • Hi, Kari! Yeah, i’m kind of concerned with the bacteria buildup there. Did you mean a review of the lipstick? It’s an old MAC creme sheen lipstick I’ve been using on and off. 🙂

      • Haha, good for you! I’m really more of a matte/velvet lipstick kind of gal naman. 🙂 The shade I’m wearing, Stay in Touch, is a warm pinky bronze lipstick, goes well with the bronzer! 🙂

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