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On My Biggest News Yet A.K.A. My 100th Post

It’s been forever, I know. And I hope you cant tell how big of a deal that 100th post deal was.

Well, it isn’t, truly. What I’ve been truly, rather, is busy. And not my typical busy, so here’s my 100th post for you:

I’m getting married!

And here, as a treat I’m showing you my trial makeup session with Sam, who you might remember from the Clinique party.

I showed Sam and Eddy (hairstylist) photos and actual swatches of my dress (which is giving me endless thrills!) and we talked a bit how we want things to look like, more or less.

Then proceeded right to work:

Eddy was really quick about the hair, giving me a loose side-swept ‘do.


Hair detail:


While Sam deftly applied makeup.. I think we went the classic look route:


Some of the stuff she used..more than I would dare to take notice of:


So, long story short, here’s how it turned out:



And after these:


the makeup stayed on like this:


I’m quite happy how the look turned out! The experience was surreal, like I cant remember what happened the whole time..needless to say, I’m excited for the real deal. Huge thanks to Sam and Eddy. You can get in touch with her here.

I hope this lengthy post would makeup for lost time! How’s everyone doing, anyway?? Check back soon!


5 thoughts on “On My Biggest News Yet A.K.A. My 100th Post

  1. OMG~! Congratulations! Or should I say best wishes? So happy for you. 🙂 That’s why you have the Urban Decay set haha. What every bride needs to look her best on her special day, etc. 😉

    • Thanks, Clair! 🙂 Yeah, it was gift from a friend..which I should definitely not forget on day itself! (note to self). 🙂

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