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On Maybelline Crayon Liner, Another Cheap Brush and A Making The Cut


Wow, sorry, that title sounded problematic.

Anyway, I have a review, a find, and a beauty development for you today.

First up, the Maybelline EyeStudio Crayon Liner I picked up from PCX (at the Powerplant Mall) last week. As I haven’t seen this product before from the Maybelline counters, and was quite cheap, I decided to go ahead and get me another black eyeliner. This will be the review part:


Maybelline EyeStudio Crayon Liner Php 149.00)

Touted to be waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting. The saleslady described it as a “Korean-style” eyeliner.. I wonder what that meant. Other details about the liner are at the back of the carton packaging:


I applied the liner by itself and tried to smudge it out—as in the photos below:


An Artechoke Hearts/Farts: Hearts. Well, I’m not crazy about it,but it is the perfect hard-soft pencil in my purse right now. Hard enough for a defined line, soft enough for smudging. And for cheap. However, if you do smudge, expect it to get crazy so best to use a brush instead of your fingers you don’t spread the product all over your face.

For the beauty update: I cut my hair. Well, not me myself but I had it cut at the salon:

photo (3)

Drama shot :p

Having long hair was starting to feel like a drag, so I chopped it off. It does make me feel fresher, although, styling possibilities make my head spin—having long hair makes one lazy, really.

And, lastly, this is my find for you:


GOSH Cosmetics Lightweight Duo Fibre Brush (Php159.75)

I looked up GOSH online; it’s a drugstore brand that has quite a following abroad. I was just really curious why it was being sold for so cheap. Let me play with it some more first before I make my assumptions. Off the bat, it doesn’t feel too hefty, much like how MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes are. The hairs are quite sparse, and you can see some of the natural hair (black) move up to where the synthetic hairs (white) are which might point to a falling out situation. We’ll see..

Later, skaters!


5 thoughts on “On Maybelline Crayon Liner, Another Cheap Brush and A Making The Cut

  1. Both are available in PCX? 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try the crayon liner. And I have only one brush at the moment ahaha. The Marionnaud angled eyeliner brush (Php 59) from Watson’s just so I could try the technique my friend recommended: eye shadow as eyeliner.

    You look great with your new hair! Love it ♥

    • Thanks, Clair! 🙂 Yes, there were a handful of both the liner and the brush in PCX, Rockwell. That was last week. 🙂 Goodluck with that, wet your brush so you get a sharper line!

    • Hi, Kari! It’s like the (big) MAC 187, or the big Suesh ones, though, not as dense. I was able to use it na, there was some fallout, but can be avoided if you use it carefully. 🙂

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