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On Avon’s Super Shock Mascara and Super Surprises

Watching a lot of Pixiwoo on YouTube sort of gives me bad ideas. For instance, it makes me want to get an Avon mascara all the way from the UK. Well, initially, I didn’t think Avon’s Super Shock was available here. I know because I checked Avon Philippines online, and it wasn’t there. So my first shock was, in a tiny, almost decrepit stall in a mall, Avon products were being sold, with one box marked “S.Shock Mascara”!! So I snatched that in a heart beat!


AVON Super Shock Mascara (Waterproof) (Php 299.00)

My second surprise is that it’s a huge mascara, 10grams! That comes with an equally sizeable barrel (plastic-type) brush too, easily the biggest mascara brush I’ve ever seen and used. You know how it is as much about the brush as the mascara itself so I’ll talk about this a bit more. The size of this one takes a bit to get used to; for one, it’s longer than the entire length of my lashes and two, the plastic bristles are too thin and short (too spiky!). I hurt my eyes  a couple of times during the process. However, it was effective in applying the product to individual lashes, adding coats was specially easy.


So, what else is there to talk about mascaras? Well, one (or two) major thing for me is the time it takes for it to dry and to come off. Waterproof mascaras are notorious in the coming-off department, but I’m equally particular with the time it takes to dry. I’m always dashing so smudges are a bit annoying. This passed on both counts. I noticed a bit of flaking after about 6-8 hours, and that’s if you apply (and reapply) more than two coats.

So let’s move on to how it actually looks when worn:

One coat:


Three coats:


The final surprise was, that it made my lashes look like this:


What I’m wearing: Dr. Oil Anti-Shine BB Lotion, Maybelline Clear and Smooth Foundation, Face Shop Brow Powder Duo, ELF Cream Eyeliner, Avon Super Shock Waterproof Mascara, (a very light dusting of) Sephora Sun Disk in 02, Rimmel Lip Liner, Revlon Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach

Well, still not outrageously luscious, but I don’t like looking like Ms. Piggy so I like it enough. I think it makes my lashes look longer and fuller. At least enough for everyday use.

An Artechoke Hearts/Farts: Hearts. The Avon Super Shock was really a wonderful surprise! It’s cheap, it stays put, does not smudge and comes off relatively easy. The size and make of the brush is something you’d have to get used to—because you may need to master it to apply a couple of coats to achieve that super shock effect (I’m fine with a slightly-less shock, but that’s me). I like this mascara enough to bring it in place of my everyday mascaras (Maybelline’s The Colossal and Hyper Curl).

Suffice to say, the Shock hasn’t completely worn off on me.


12 thoughts on “On Avon’s Super Shock Mascara and Super Surprises

  1. Lucky find! 😀 I haven’t tried using mascara yet. Hmm. This might be something worth looking for when I want to try wearing mascara already. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh btw, I just started blogging about my adventures in skin care and makeup on prettification.tumblr.com =) Comments are welcome all the time especially because I am such a newbie.

    • Swung by your site, lotsa luck! 🙂 If you’re trying mascara for the first time, you might want to try something milder (ie not waterproof, etc); I recommend Etude House’s Oh m’Eyes, the brushes on those are really very handy and easy to use. Keep us posted! 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip! Will take note of that product so I could try it the next time I visit an Etude House shop.

        I am actually considering getting gel or cream form eyeliner. Kinda wondering if Code B’s worth it or if I should get it from somewhere else. If ever, the next visit to Etude House will be for Oh m’eyes and the Code B gel liner.

      • You’re welcome! I haven’t tried/swatched Code B, so I can’t help you with that. 😦 I’ve only used Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner (the black one dried on me, so cant use that anymore) and now, ELF’s Cream Eyeliner. ELF’s okay, not too expensive, but I tossed the brush after a few uses. I find that I have to layer the cream liner though to get the finish/opacity that I like.

      • Well, you do have a new and very fine brush 🙂 What makes me worry about gel and cream liners is that they might dry up and not be useful anymore. Except as paperweight, I guess. XD I am still researching on Code B ad Tony Moly’s Backstage Eyeliner if ever I do make the switch. I’ve been trying to make a wingtip with the pencil liner I have but I find it wasteful to sharpen it each time. (That’s why I am considering the switch.)

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  3. Oh, I see. You know, if you’re working with a soft black pencil, you can smudge the tail of your line into a wingtip by using a stiff, angled eyeliner brush. I do that often (I’m lazy with sharpening my pencils, too)! At least until you buy your cream/gel liner. 🙂

  4. Ae…is this available on any avonre rellers anywhere? on the brochure kaya andito to? it’s cheap and good for everyday use, pwedeng pang wet market get up hahahaha! not so shocking naman di ba lol!

    • Hi, Cinds! Feeling ko oo, meron sa mga Avon ladies and resellers, I bought mine sa reseller lang sa Market!Market! Haha sa wet market getup (naka-specify?!) kasi WATERproof!:) You can build up the intensity, it layers pretty well.

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