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On Other Matters: MAC Semi-Preciouses In Store Now!!

Okay, this is going to be a quick one. Passed by Shang-rila earlier today, and walked past these huge decals on the MAC area at Rustan’s. Semi-precious Collection’s here!! Of course, I had to go in! But I was super hurrying, I just checked and swatched and asked for the price. In and out in two minutes! I was really rooting for these two:


Left: Dark Indulgence – Mélange Forest Green and Black

Right: Golden Gaze – Mélange Gold and Black

They all look really pretty up close! The texture’s almost velvety-creamy and the pigment, spot-on. Just look at that!


When swatched, the colors take on a more dichroic finish, yes, like a salaguinto! 🙂 Big question is, which salaguinto should I get??


MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadows sell for Php 1250 a pop. Can’t wait to get mine! (which one? which one??)


2 thoughts on “On Other Matters: MAC Semi-Preciouses In Store Now!!

  1. I feel like if those two eyeshadows made a baby, they’d come up with that velvet green eyeshadow from The Body Shop’s autumn collection last year. :p I think it’s still available in their store, or at least there’s this gold-green eyeshadow there that I swatch everytime I visit just because it’s so pretty. Haha!

    Hmmm I’d say go for Dark Indulgence. It’d make for a nice smokey eye! 🙂

    • Ooh, have to check that! I probly have to swatch them on my lid next time, see how they’d react with my eye color..but yeah, I like the green one, so unique! 🙂 Thanks Kari!

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