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On Doing A Red Lip And the Start Of All Good Things

I do not have a lot of readers. From that teeny tiny readership I enjoy, I get some questions and requests, and huge portion of that small pie is about red lipsticks.

There’s been an on-going, never-ending thing about red lips. There’s fascination, intimidation and a certain irreverence to it that most women can’t get enough of. We may or may not admit, but it may be the power that comes with (wearing) it. Which maybe so, men get turned off by it! Oh well, me? I like it because it’s easy. Instant.

To have this base covered, I’m doing the proverbial red-lip post. But with a minor tweak. I didn’t use lipstick. I used this:


Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner in Shade 04, Php 98.00

I’ve been meaning to get the MAC Lip Pencil in Beet, but was unavailable the two times I went to the store. So that instead, together with these:


So, to start off, I rubbed the Sephora Highlighting Primer on to my face. This is pinkish on the bottle but goes on sheer and shimmery when applied. After which I buffed my Lancôme Teint on my face one side at a time using a Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush. I just discovered how efficient these things are! You can cover your face with that brush, fast!

Here’s how the foundation looks couple of minutes after applying with a brush. I also powdered in my brows meanwhile and started on the eyes as well.


To do the eyes, you kind of need to take an angled eyeliner brush and push your black eye shadow in closest to the lash line. It’s like placing a soft black eyeliner that’s more smudged than defined. I used MAC Matte Shadow in Carbon. Apply a couple coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes, right after.

Since this look is more about the lips, I sparingly added some Max Factor Satin Blush in Mulberry. I was I fancying a washed out, really pale complexion to contrast with the lip.


On to the lips. I trace a line around gingerly, avoiding the urge to line it one stroke. You’d want to get these primary strokes right before filling up the rest of the lip area. One little neat trick you can do afterwards is to get a concealer pencil and trace a line your lips, so you get a sharp/clean edge. I used this super cheap Me Now 2in1 Concealer/Eyeliner Pencil (Coffee/Wheat),


Lastly, I take my Dr. Oil BB Anti-Shine Finish Pact and powdered all over. This powder really gives a light/pale finish, which is perfect for this look. Oh, I also dabbed a shimmery E.L.F. Cream Eyeshadow just in the middle of my lid for a some effect.



I’m sorry about hair all over my face, it was pouring and quite windy when I took these photos. Anyhow, for those who are still not sure about sporting a red lip, this might be a safe start. Pencils tend to be more subdued than a full on lipstick, are easier to apply (though a bit more time-consuming) and can be played around with. You can top that with a lighter colored gloss/balm, or a slightly pinkish lipstick to change the hue. Moral of the story? You have to start with a line, before you go drawing plans. Have a fun week everyone!


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