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On Doing Black Nails for the First Time and Being Iconic

Can you believe this rain? A few weeks back I was complaining about heat and now, this downpour! Anyhow, I hope everyone’s somewhere warm and dry. Last night we were stuck in traffic, 2 hours for a usual five minute drive, so I’m just glad to be home tonight. Glad enough to share a nail post!

Honestly, this is my first time to apply black nail polish. Sure I love dark nails but I’ve never gone real black, it’s probably the bad rep, or me immaturely resisting to be stereotyped in a certain, well, for lack of a better term, genre. But seeing Kate Moss in this Be Iconic ad, well…


..that made me do it! Her nails (and everything else!) are TDF!

And so here’s the cast:


From left to right: Essie Good to Go! Topcoat, Face Shop BK901 Nail Polish, Essie First Base Basecoat, nail buffer, orange stick

The usual drill, I wash my hands and gently exfoliate the nail bed, towel dry then push the cuticles with the broad end of an orange stick. I then buff the nail surface using the coarse side of the buffer first, then the smooth side. I place my hands under the tap and let the running water clear the debris out. I have a better DIY post here, if you want to know more.


After applying the base coat and two coats of the polish, I let it dry for a couple of minutes before cleaning up the excesses. I wrap cotton around the pointed end of the orange stick and steep that in nail polish remover. Then I press the stick on to the excess first, before wiping it outwards. That way, I ensure to dissolve the polish on the skin first (easier to remove!) and avoid wiping it away from the nail itself.


There’s still some more excess (on that little pinky there) but that usually comes off after some hand washing.

One little complaint on the Face Shop polish though: what’s up with that angled and jagged applicator brush? That made application a real challenge! Was it just this particular bottle, or they’ve changed their nail polish brushes entirely? What do you think? Me, I don’t like. 😦


I wouldn’t even attempt to pose like Ms. Moss, but I’m hoping to do her makeup soon! Nails down, everything else to go! Stay out of the streets, folks!


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