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On Natalia Vodianova and Hitting Real Gold

Apologies for the lack of posts—life gets in the way. Singing silly karaoke songs til one in the morning or maybe pigging out on lechon skin beside a home depot may hardly be called a decent life, but this blog isn’t really about that, yes?

Meanwhile, can you believe a person can have this much glow? Or for that matter fabricate it?

Here’s Natalia Vodianova for Elle España, makeup by Christine Corbel for Guerlain. Fine, I really should go check out those pretty Guerlain powders.


I love how subtly colored her eyes and lips are, a nice break from all the brights happening now.Elle España Model Natalia Vodianova Styled by Michèle Beaurenaut Makeup by Christine Corbel for Guerlain Nails by Elsa Deslande

These nails are making me nervous! And notice that shimmery pink and orange lip combo (upper and lower).


Overall, I love how not blatant her makeup is, and that even coat of shimmer about her.

Images from Whowhatwear’s blog.


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