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On Maybelline’s The Colossal And Other Heroic Attempts

I’ve briefly mentioned getting this mascara, along with other things at Duty Free a while back. I initially went to check Maybelline’s The Falsies but the this loud bumble bee won out, mainly because one, I’m still pretty conservative when it comes to brushes—weird, angled, fancy wands scare me; and two, I shy away from thick, goopy formulas because they take forever to dry.

So..the Colossal—such big title to fulfill! Well, it is all bright and bold, and promises:

  • Colossal volume-in just one coat
  • No Clumps
And so we shall see..

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara in Glam Black($7.50)

The Colossal is not available locally, but I did spot The Magnum looking very similar (as in same packaging) in Maybelline counters out here. The formula isn’t thick, and smells faintly of roses, which reminds me a bit of Dior mascaras.


l like that the fine yet dense bristles takes out just the right amount of product, so no clumps of it come out. That being said, you may need to apply several coats to achieve real volume. It also coats lashes almost singly, so it looks like I’ve grown new ones. It doesn’t dry as fast as Oh m’ Eyes, so you have to wait a moment before applying the next coat. If you do this, you will have tolerable, if not zero smudging throughout the day. However, I find the formula a bit intriguing as I get a (momentary) cold feeling on my lashes as it dries, sometimes this makes me tear up a little. Could that be alcohol (or a relative thereof) in its formula?



Here, I applied about three coats of mascara after curling my lashes with a Shu Uemura curler (which I’ve had for about four years!). To amplify the effect of the mascara, I tight-lined my eyes with black waterproof liner.

An Artechoke Hearts/Farts? Hearts. It may not deliver heroic results, and volume can really be a matter of layering coats, but I like the wholesomeness of this mascara. I’m currently carrying this in my purse (coz it’s easy to spot!) as it’s easy to put, easy to wear, and easy to take off. Plus points for faint floral smell, too! However, its winning trait is in definition, how it separates and coats each lash to make them appear fuller without weighing them down. I’ve yet to get used to the strong/alcohol-ish formula, but all being considered, The Colossal for everyday wear? HUGE difference.


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