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On Lip Ice and Balms for the Heart

During my recent months-long stay in Bangkok, I would see these Lip Ice stands everywhere I go. I thought, “They’re probably that good”, but forgot about them after that. When I got back to Manila, I saw them again at Watson’s and seriously contemplated about getting one, but since I can’t decide which variant to get (and I was in rush), I passed up again. Much, much recently I read a review by Beautynomics and decided to get one (already!). I’m really a beauty gaya-gaya puto-maya like that.

Lip Ice Sheer Color Color Changeable Lip Conditioner in Strawberry, Php 145

What a relief! Lip Ice is a line of lip conditioners made by the US-based, Japanese-run Mentholatum Company. The one I got in particular is like mood ring for the lips, it changes to a brighter pink according to your, ah, body chemistry? temperature? Aside from that cute concept, Lip Ice actually does change to a flattering shade of pink, no need to stress, whatsoever. I’ve had many a disappointment with colored balms, with the way the color renders my lip. None of that heartache with this product.

Wearing Dr. Oil BB Lotion and Lip Ice Color Changeable Balm

This is how it changes on me. I love the natural “flushed” color and strawberry flavor/smell; it’s not citric strawberry, more like strawberry shortcake, yum!

An Artechoke Hearts/Farts? Hearts! The shade-shifting concept is genius, and the texture of the balm’s silky, not sticky; thanks to macadamia, jojoba, shea butter and aloe. Personally, I enjoy fruity lip balms but there’s an unscented version too. It is a tad pricey for just 2 grams, but since I’ll be sure to finish the tube (I have lots of cheap, but unused balms at home), Lip Ice is worth my one-four-five.


4 thoughts on “On Lip Ice and Balms for the Heart

  1. I’m a beauty gaya-gaya-puto-maya too, with this product! Saw a bunch of reviews on it and when I was about to finish my lipbalm I bought this and the LipIce Fruity ones. Sometimes I overapply but it just makes me look like I ate some Lipps (the old strawberry candy).

    • Hehe on ‘Lipps’–when I was young, I’d use that as lipstick! (kasi bawal pa to use the real thing). It IS easy nga to overapply, and the natural hue tends to look lipstick-y. I try to layer it with Carmex to break it up a little. 🙂

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