Quick Makeup Post

Quick Makeup Post: Major Meeting

I’m sick as a dog, but I still need to attend a major meeting for work. And how exactly do you pull yourself together? I’m wearing: Etude House’s Dr. Oil Anti-Shine BB cream (review coming soon!), Bench Cheek tint and Sephora Sun Disk 02, Face Shop Brow Powder, NARS Eye shadow duo in Heaven, with104  brown shadow from Lancome 6 Color Focus Palette, Prestige Pencil Eye liner, Max Factor False Eyelash Mascara, Rimmel Lip liner in Tiramisu, Maybelline Water Shine in Naturals 104 (as seen here


Minor eye shadow blending: smudge a > shape from the side of the lid.

If all else fails, a grin should do.

PS. Excuse the hair. The only time I comb my hair is after shower with a wide toothed comb, and I never blow dry, hence the tangled mess.


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