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On NYX Louisiana and The West

My NYX Round Lipstick in Louisiana

Last night was Sir Roberto Chabet’s exhibit opening at the West Gallery, and while this is an arte blog, it won’t hurt if you try and see some fine art (and google him), specially since it’s Mr. Chabet’s first of a year-long program of shows locally.

As promised, I endeavored (in-effort ko) to wear NYX’s Louisiana, a bright pink lipstick that recalls Barbie lips to mind. After priming my lip to this (Exhibit A), I applied the liptick in two even strokes. It went smooth, even, and consistently pink, although I felt the need to press my lips together and purse them. It felt silky at first and in retrospect, set less powdery and less smelly than the NYX Tea Rose. I wonder why, e it’s the same brand?

Exhibit A: On prepped lips--Rimmel Lip Liner+Etude House Lipstick base

Freshly applied, one coat.

Freshly applied, with a kiss. :p

During the hobnobbing, drinking and eating, I felt ridiculously conscious my lipstick would bleed off the so I had to reapply around twice. But it wasn’t that bad really, just a few stains on my beer can. I guess I just wanted to maintain the shock factor of [wearing] pink, having been approached and complemented by another makeup kikay like me and getting more approving glances (I imagine).

At the West Gallery, after the first reapplication, midway through my can of beer

When I got home, my lips were still generally (flatly) pink and could pass off as acceptably lipstick-ed. That being said, I like this NYX better, and I see myself wearing it out and about this summer. You should find your official summer lip shade too–bright and neon hues should be a hit this yet undecided season. If the weather fails you, at least your lips shine like summer.

Photo swiped from Romeo Lee’s Facebook.



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