Lipstick / Make up

On Anna Sui and Acceptance

Anna Sui A

A. Sorry, no foundation, just a bit of sunblock, and brow B. In Photobooth lighting

B. In Photobooth lighting

C. It's as light as it can get-use a lipstick base!

Hi, I’m Ae and I’m a make-up junkie.

I’ve accepted it and now I’m rolling away with it. It’s fun. I’ve always loved make-up but I’ve never considered myself an expert or anything, just that I’ve known of it since I’m maybe 4 years old? A neighbor once experimented putting make up on me, and when I got home, my mother told me “Tell her you don’t need make-up, you’re pretty as you are.”All mothers say that, anyway, and it was too late. I was smitten.

I have little anecdotes here and there but first up, Anna Sui lipsticks. I’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times in the past but it wasn’t til my last trip in March that I dared to go in. Maybe because I’m older now, i can handle “shop intimidation” better.

The APM Mall in Kwun Tong has an Anna Sui Cosmetics shop, that’s apart from their Fashion Shop. So it’s a flourishing set up. I asked how much the delectably packaged lipsticks were, the girl said “one hundred nine-teeh”, I asked again as I can’t hear her (accented) voice well. “One nine-teeh”, again. Excited, I zoomed in on the (in)famous black lipstick and well, tried another one. Why not?

Hands down the prettiest lipsticks I own.

I proceeded to counter where I was billed HK$ 380. What?? And I thought it was HK$ 119 each. Hay.

This is getting too long. Ogle at that packaging and see the A&B) Photobooth shot and C) SLR snap of Anna Sui 300 Rouge G. I always use Rimmel’s Tiramisu lip liner, followed by Etude House’s VIP Girl Lipstick base, applied by pinky finger smudging the liner a bit to mix it in. This lipstick goes on super sheer, like a lip balm, and smells of roses. You might need a couple of applications to bring out the pink hue. I’m not wearing coverage whatsoever, just tight-lined eyes.

Anna Sui 300 Lip Rouge G

At $190 (about Php 1,100) this is a sweet deal — the smell and packaging more than makes up for it.


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