Photo: The Liner to Beat


A quick snap of my mug a few days back: I rely on the Eye of Horus Goddess Smoky Eye Pencil and Liquid Define Pen for a cat eye that lasts the whole day-I’m not kidding! Wearing Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation, Hourglass Ambient blush in Dim infusion over cheek tint, and Une Beauty Lip Tone lipstick. The sparkly white eyeliner on the inner corner of my eyes is from Prestige.

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6 thoughts on “Photo: The Liner to Beat

  1. Hi Ae… saw you today at Powerplant Mall. I was starstruck-ed! Tee hee! You look gorgeous! :) I saw your hubby first and I thought I saw him from somewhere then I saw you beside him! Aawwww…

    • Hey, April! Gee, thanks-you should have said hello! Although I was probably sulking that time coz I was having a major headache! :s Showed your comment to my husband, he was kilig that someone recognizes him from my blog, hahaha! Next time, say hi! :)

  2. I think you look so young and pretty with your hair like that~!!!
    It brings out your soft skin beautifully. >_<

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